You Are Responsible

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As we approach Christmas and the end of the year, we look forward to a new beginning. Many people make New Year’s resolutions. But you would be better off just making a subtle commitment to do one or two things each day to improve your family, yourself and your relationship with God. This starts with accepting responsibility.

It is important that we understand that adults should be responsible. This is a valuable lesson for our children as well. But what happens when we have a generation of men and women who were not raised to be responsible? And what happens when those who were raised to be responsible, fall into the trap of irresponsibility because that is what everyone around them is doing?

Now you may be thinking something like, “I wish all those losers out there would step up to the plate and be responsible.” or “That’s right, we are surrounded by a bunch of children at work, etc.” But I want you to brace yourself for a minute…ready?? I am not talking to them, I am talking to you!! Right now you may be offended, GOOD! You might be angry, OK. But consider this: What is your response when you are in charge of something that goes wrong and it wasn’t your fault? Do you say, “Yeah, Joe screwed that one up.” or “My guys are too lazy.” or “It’s not my fault.” If you react this way, then you are irresponsible.

Here is the bottom line, adults accept responsibility. Leaders accept responsibility. That means that if you are in charge of something…and we are all in charge of something, then you are responsible for it. It doesn’t matter if it was someone else’s fault, you are responsible. This is worthy of serious consideration.

As a dog handler, this applies to the actions of your dog. Are you doing what you are supposed to? Are you where you should be? Have you invested into the training and upkeep of your dog? Have you cared for their needs so that they are healthy and strong? and on and on it goes…

Be an adult! Be a Leader!! BE RESPONSIBLE!!!

Until next time, this is Joel with Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world…one dog at a time.

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