One Direction – One Correction

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I can not tell you how many times I have seen handlers repeat commands over and over to their dogs without giving a correction.  For anyone who deals with dogs in potentially life threatening situations, including search and rescue, this is totally unacceptable. But it should also be the standard for all handlers. Do you want to have to tell your dog 6 times to sit or lay or wait?  You do not need to be harsh with your dog, but you must demand obedience.

You are not giving suggestions.  You are giving commands.  They are called commands for a reason.  Your dog must obey them.  During a gunfight, your dog must stay when commanded.  He must come when commanded.  He must remain in position when commanded.  When you are tracking someone who went down a very steep incline, and you are working your way down so that you can pick up the track at the bottom, your dog must wait when commanded so that he does not cause you to lose your footing and injure yourself.  Now you have to be rescued, pulling valuable resources away from the person you were supposed to be helping. If you are with your dog in public, they must wait and they must leave it if they are commanded to. This concept, One Direction – One Correction is the core of our philosophy in the practical sense here at Dunetos K9.

To obtain true obedience, you must consistently apply the training philosophy of One Direction – One Correction.  This is the most basic of the training directions given at Dunetos K9 and it has proven itself over and over again.

This simple, but extremely important pillar is foundational to training an effective, consistent, obedient, and stable dog.  Every time you allow your dog to disobey a command without a correction, you are doing yourself and him a disservice.

Remember: One Direction – One Correction.

Until next time, this is Joel with Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world…one dog at a time.

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