Mankind-Not Just Another Animal

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There are two primary kinds of dogs within the canine kind. The first is the wild dog, wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc. The second are the domesticated dogs. While many of the breeds have been destroyed by those only looking at the outside, the distinction still remains between the wild and domestic dog. But what is it that really separates the two? The Answer is that the wild dog serves only himself and his desires and appetites, while the domesticated dog serves the will of mankind. It is because of this willing service that they become useful to us.

God created mankind to be unique and distinct from the rest of creation. We are the only creature that is made in the image of God. While some have used this unique gift to cause destruction and damage, God calls us to be good stewards of the planet, the animals under our care and the resources He has blessed us with.

God created man to do something specific, to serve Him. Are you fulfilling your destiny?

Until next time, this is Joel with Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world…one dog at a time.


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