For each $50 donated, your name will go into the hat one time for the drawing of one companion trained K9. If we reach the $7500 goal for Jonathan, we will draw from all of the names in the "hat". Once we select the winner, we will contact that person via social media.  If you send us your contact information via email, jonathansjourney@dunetosk9.com, we will work to make contact with you through email and text as well. At that point, you have three days to let us know if you would like the dog or you can decline. If you decide you do not want the K9 or if we can't get a hold of you, we will draw another name. When we have a winner that we connect with and confirm they would like the dog, we will announce the winner here and on the Update tab on the GiveSendGo site. If you would not like your name given out, we can use initials.

Please know that if you would not like to be in the drawing for the K9, but still want to give to support Jonathan's Journey, you may absolutely decline to have your name included in the drawing.  If you give your donation as "anonymous," this is a way to keep you from being included in the drawing.

If you do give as "anonymous," as you don't want the public to see the amount you have donated, but you *do* wish to be included in the drawing, please email us at jonathansjourney@dunetosk9.com.  In your email, please include the amount and day that you donated so we might verify.  This also allows us to know how many times to put your name in the hat.

That is absolutely fine.  And, of course, we will still include you in the drawing, if you desire as well.  You can make checks payable to Joel Ryals, and include "Jonathan's Journey" in the memo section.  Please mail the checks to: Jonathan's Journey, c/o Joel and Candie Ryals, 1180 Rogers Road, Crittenden, KY 41030.

YES!  If we go over the goal and reach $15,000, we will actually conduct a second drawing for a second Companion trained K9 dog. This second dog will also be selected by Jonathan and will be trained by his twin JD, who is excited to help his brother.  They will be able to work along side each other training, and with the oversight of Joel, our head trainer.

YES!!  We would to open up that options. If you would like to purchase a K9, puppy or trained K9 package, and have all the proceeds from that sale to be donated to Jonathan's Journey, you can contact us directly.   All proceeds from that sale will be committed to Jonathan.

GOOD QUESTION!!  To learn more about our Companion K9 package please click here.  While Jonathan will select and train the first K9, he will have much oversight from Joel Ryals, our head trainer.  Jonathan has trained a few dogs that have been placed in home already.  In fact, one of our repeat client's first dog purchased from us was trained by Jonathan. It speaks highly of his skill, even at a young age.

Once you accept the offer of the K9, you will be in a client status with Dunetos K9.  This will allow you to be added to our exclusive Dunetos Dog Den that is reserved for clients only.  You may get exclusive behind the scenes videos and pictures of your dog, and even other client's K9s as they grown and train.  You may have access to some footage on training and handling that is reserved for clients only. You may also be able to attend any Dunetos K9 classes run by our head trainer on facility here while your dog is under contract and this is free to you, as it is for any contracting client.  Your K9 package also includes a free 2-day training that is hosted on site here at our facility in Kentucky at the conclusion of your K9's training.  You will be required to come and pick up your K9. If you prefer a delivery, that can be arranged and will priced according to your training needs and desires.  

YES!  Our Companion K9 package is worth a value of $7500.00.  If you are selected as the winner from the drawing, you may apply that amount to any of the K9 training packages that we offer here at Dunetos K9.  Jonathan will still select your dog, and he will conduct all the companion training for your dog.  We will then add the other training on as desired.  We are happy to discuss this option with the winner.

It is our desire to be very transparent about the needs we have for Jonathan. His needs fall into several categories and I will try to explain why each is important along with how much each of these cost.

First, we have monthly medicine and supplement needs to support Jonathan's brain. Keppra is the last anti-seizure medicine that he is on. While we are trying to wean this for him, it is not something that can just be stopped. The cost of the Keppra has been covered by insurance in 2016 because we reached his deductible, but in January 2017 we will have to start paying for that each month. The monthly amount will need to be covered for 6 months on the current wean schedule, if there are no issues along the way. If Jonathan begins to have significant withdraws, then the Keppra may need to be extended or another medicine added to help support. Charlotte's Web is a supporting medication that helps to calm his brain while he is going through the weaning process. The Body Bio PC (Phosphatidylcholine 3000mg, Phospholipid Complex) is crucial for brain healing and rebuilding at the cellular level. In addition to these, there are numerous other supplements that he needs to ensure that he doesn't suffer from a compromised immune system due to the trauma and effects of the Keppra medication. These include, Cod Liver Oil, Tryptophan (for sleeping and counter poor mood from medicine), Bio Cleanse and Probio for gut health, St. John's Wort, Kava, Omega fatty Acids and Tumeric to name a few.

Keppra - $222.00 for 30 day supply
Body Bio PC - $125.00 per month ($190 per bottle, lasts approximately 45 days)
Charolet's Web - $125.00 per month ($250 per bottle, lasts approximately 2 months)
Additional Supplements - $250.00 (This is after being able to barter some medications, which is a blessing)

TOTAL Monthly Expense for Medicine and Supplements = $722.00 x 6 months + $500.00 x 6 months = $7332.00 for 2017

Second, Jonathan needs special treatments every other month to continue to rid his body of the infection. Bartonella does not have an antibiotic that simply makes it go away. And when the disease gets to the point it did in Jonathan, where it breaks the blood/brain barrier, it is usually a co-infection with lyme. So to keep him healthy and ensure there is no relapse, we will be doing the following treatments, recommended by his doctor, through 2017 at least. Each treatment is in FL, and requires about a week to travel down, do the treatment and travel back home. Thankfully we have been blessed with friends and family in the area, so we always have a place to stay, but gas for travel is our main expense.

Photopheresis, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (x2) - $300.00
IV Vitamin C cocktail - $100.00
FSM (micro current concussion treatment) - $25.00
Office visit - $31.00
Gas for travel - $350.00

TOTAL per trip - $806

TOTAL for 6 treatments in 2017 = $4836.00

Third, we have two more appointments with his neurologist that will prayerfully take us through his weaning off the medications.

TOTAL per appointment - $200.00

TOTAL for both appointments in 2017 - $400.00

Fourth, there is a school in PA, called the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, that specializes in recovering children from brain injury. They have over 50 years of experience treating all kinds of brain injuries from many different causes such as Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, and traumatic brain injury (This is what Jonathan has.). The length of time of seizing in Jonathan, caused traumatic brain injury that is healing slowly, but will need assistance to reach full healing in a timely manner. This school specializes in reprogramming the brain's synopses to recover mental capacity for reading and academics, physical coordination for function, and interpersonal skills for social interaction. They focus on training the parents to take the child through the healing process since the parents are the most involved with the child on a daily basis, they train you in daily drills, exercises, diet and education to retrain an injured brain. The school is located in Pennsylvania and would require a short road trip and staying in a hotel through the time there. Expenses would be:

School tuition - $1850.00
Gas - $250.00
Hotel - $660.00

TOTAL for the school - $2760.00

So all expenses for Jonathan's medical treatments for 2017 are estimated at $15,328.00.

Your donations to help him are very much appreciated, and we hope you continue to follow Jonathan's Journey. Please know that with your prayers and with the financial assistance we receive, we hope to bless you with the knowledge that you have helped a young man reach his full potential and have a healthy and productive life for the Glory of God.