Canine Life Integration

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Many people want a dog in their lives, but they are not yet ready to integrate that dog into their life. This takes on different meanings for different people. If you just want a family pet, then you take on responsibilities like feeding, veterinarian and health care, and general responsibility for the dog’s actions in the controlled environment of your home and perhaps where you walk. If you take on a Service Dog, the amount of interaction and responsibility increases. Once you decide to include a protection dog into your life, the responsibility takes year another step up. Remember, you are responsible. And while these things can seem intimidating at first, it is really just a minor shift in the way you approach things that will integrate a dog into your life. Let us help you through the process. For details, or to make a Dunetos K9 a part of your life, contact me at

Until next time, this is Joel with Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world…one dog at a time.

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