Everlasting Bond

In the U.S today there are over 78 million owned dogs. According to a Nationwide pet owners survey thirty-nine percent of U.S households own at least one dog and twenty-eight percent own two dogs. This is important to know and understand because this helps put thing into perspective. The first question that’s runs through my head is: How many of these dogs are probably trained? From my own personal encounters, I maybe have seen 4-5 trained dogs throughout my existence. This isn’t a good thing friend. A big part of this problem stems from, first off, a lack of biblical application in the house hold and next the lack of owner and dog bonding.

Here at Dunetos K-9 we can tell a lot about the owner by just viewing how the dog acts. We have a saying, “The dog reflects the handler.” Just as we are to train and discipline our children to the glory of God, we bring glory to God by having a pet that is safe and obedient. If we truly love our dog we will do what’s best to keep him safe. By allowing him to do whatever he wants we are endangering him towards a fatal ending. The bond that grows between man and dog doesn’t separate when you correct him, like many humanistic people think. It actually makes it stronger. As an example; I have a 100 lb Rottweiler that I command to climb up broken pallets, walk across 2×4 planks, and sit on tiny platforms for long periods of times. If we were to do this to a person, WOW! Would they hate us, but not our dogs. They will joyfully follow us wherever we go. In fact, this training makes them more confident and builds the bond with the handler.

In order to properly train our dogs and lower the amount of disobedient dogs of this great country we need to build our bonds with our animals. Without that bond your dog will not respect you as their master but rather a person that has a lead around their neck.

Until next time, this is Nick with Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world…one dog at a time.


Nick Pavkovich is an experience Special Forces soldier with multiple deployments to Afghanistan during fighting against the Taliban and terrorist insurgents in that region.  He has completed Airborne School, Army Ranger School, Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course, Special Forces Qualification Course and served as a Weapons Sergeant (18B) on his Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) on multiple deployments.  His experience with Special Forces and his expertise with a multitude of firearms gives him a unique perspective on dog handling.  Currently, he is undergoing an intensive course/apprenticeship with Dunetos K9 in order to become a Dunetos K9 franchise owner and K9 handler. He will be working closely with Dunetos K-9 to continue developing dog training and philosophy as it applies to self defense, law enforcement and military applications, especially in the Special Operations realm.


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