Avoiding Your Dog’s Avoidance

Direction is critical when it comes to training your dog and teaching him new commands. Because it is stressful for a dog to obey the command of a human being, you must lead your dog into learning obedience. Moreover, in order to safely integrate your dog into life activities, you must maintain full control of him. This can only be done with the use of a lead. Otherwise, you will find yourself battling with your dog’s avoidance.

Avoidance, in this case, is your dog’s tendency to evade a given command due to the stress it creates. A dog will normally do this by choosing to perform a command that is less stressful or by trying to escape your control in order to avoid a correction.

For instance, if I command my dog to jump onto a high platform, and he doesn’t want to face the stress, he may avoid my command by jumping on the shorter platform next to it. Without the lead, I would not be able to effectively direct my dog onto the platform, and he would continue to avoid the stress.

Furthermore, when your dog is on lead, it is difficult for him to avoid correction. But, when off lead, if your dog knows he has done something wrong, he may do what he can to stay away from you. The easiest thing to do in this situation is to call your dog to you and then correct him. The serious problem with this is your dog then assumes he is being corrected for coming to you. This will confuse your dog and will be detrimental to his obedience. The only way to avoid this is by keeping your dog on lead.

Your goal should be to maintain verbal control of your dog. Remember, a loose lead on your dog means full control. Ideally, your dog will obey your commands despite the stress they may create. But, dogs are affected by the fall of man and are thus imperfect. Therefore, lead direction and lead correction are necessary.

Until next time, this is Adam with DunetosK9 helping to sharpen you world…one dog at a time.


Adam Ryan is a young, up and coming entrepreneur who is encroaching upon success in the world of K9 handling and physical fitness training. He is an experienced athlete with a background in wrestling, mixed martial arts, and physical fitness training. Currently, he is undergoing an intensive course/apprenticeship with Dunetos K9 in order to become a Dunetos K9 franchise owner and K9 handler. He is also training to be certified as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. Adam plans to specialize in integrating fitness with K9 handling.

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