27 Strategies to Use Your Tactical Mind in Everyday Life

  1. Turn off the chatterbox of your mind when you are out of your home or car.  You won’t be able to hear as well or listen to your “sixth sense” if your mind is full of chatter and noise.
  2. Always choose.  If you don’t make a decision, one will be made for you.  You have more choices right now than you were previously aware of.
  3. Begin practicing “tactical choice” in all situations.
  4. Retain your center.  Do not over extend physically, financially, emotionally, or with your precious asset of time.  This will give you a tactical advantage in most situations!
  5. When you are at a stoplight, be aware of possible approach.  Leave yourself room to backup and maneuver.
  6. Have a solid police flashlight at the ready within easy reach of your driver’s seat.  You may need a powerful flashlight if your car breaks down at night, and you can use it as a club if a carjacker reaches in.
  7. Always look for and remember the exits in any situation or location you go into.
  8. Always choose the best tactical placement in any situation…
     – seating at a restaurant that allows you to view the enterance and doesn’t allow anyone to approach you unseen.
     – a hotel room a few floors up from ground level – so they can’t break in through the window, but low enough that if you have to jump out in the event of a fire, you’re not injured.
     – how and where you stand and walk – in line at the store, or anywhere outside the comfort of your home.  Always position yourself for the optimum tactical position, even when speaking to another person.
  9. Bar your hotel door with a chair.  Use a portable entry alarm, or a make-shift one, such as a glass that will fall if someone opens the door, to alert you of intrusion.
  10. Keep a tiny pinch flashlight on your keychain.  This is great when you’re in a building and the power goes out.
  11. Have a code-word and pre-set behavior pattern with your family that you’ll use when…
     – you are attacked in public.
     – someone breaks into your home.
     – there is a fire.
     – or any other emergency.
  12. Guide your children in making right choices on their own as soon as possible.
  13. Do not take the bait!
     – Enemies, attackers, manipulators, and jealous rivals use guilt, jargon, chit-chat, greed, anger, gossip groups, slogans and rhetoric all in an attempt to cause a reaction in you, much like a boxer’s probing jab, in order to guage your tactics and response time.  If you take the bait, you become like a puppet in their strings.  But when you do not take the bait – it causes a reverse effect and they become the recipiernt of their own attack.
  14. Do not empower your attacker by responding to him emotionally.
  15. Do not assign your values to others.  If they appear to have your values, if they preach your values; it does not mean they actually have them.
  16. When you enter a room, practice peripheral and energetic perception by being in tune with the other people in the room without being obvious.  Soften your eyes and open your ears as you increase your perception.
     – Notice who sizes you up, who may be staring at your wife, who is avoiding you, who else is tactically aware, who is concealing their tactical awareness, and the cultural, demographic, body type and personality specifics of each person.
  17. People have an “energy” that is as noticeable as the color of their clothes and gender!  Become a student of the art of people-perception.
  18. Your Energetic Intuition will tell you more about people than anything else!  This is true “tactical awareness.”
  19. Think “BENT” – Balls, Ears, Nose and Throat – these are the quick and nasty instantly DEVASTATING targets.  They are also YOUR vulerable points.  Protect them by keeping slightly to the side when talking to strangers.
  20. Don’t be close enough to be surprised by a head-butt.
  21. Don’t always chase after everything you see and want right away.  Patience and perseverance are imporant character traits.
  22. “Beautiful” does not necessarily mean “intelligent” or “honorable.”
  23. “Famous” does not necessarily mean “intelligent” or “honorable.”
  24. “Common Sense” does not necessarily mean “intelligent” or “tactically optimum.”
  25. Dress tactically for perception and functionality, so you can blend in or stand our if you want to, and so you can move unhindered.
  26. Everything is a weapon: in any environment you enter, notice what can be utilized as a makeshift weapon.  You’ll be amazed!
  27. Control your breathing and thinking and you control your personal power supply.

Ponder these points.  They apply in a threat situation or in the boardroom.  There are principles that underlie each of these points that can be used in your daily life to improve your own skills and discipline.  These things will also spill over to your dog training and will be seen in your dog as you train yourself.

Until next time this is Duentos K-9 sharpening your world, one dog at a time.

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