A sign outside of a church reads “Character is how you act when no one’s around”. Interesting concept, but I am not certain that I agree with it.

Character shows through when your actions remain in tune with your beliefs when everyone is around. It’s like praying before you eat in a crowded restaurant, no matter if it’s a greasy spoon or the Ritz. It shows when you say “no” when everyone is saying “yes” because you know it’s the right thing to do even at a cost.

Our daily lives are full of signs, words placed for us to read and to be inspired by. I often wonder if the people who placed them there actually live those suggestions. It’s difficult to do at the best of times.

We all too often think we need to bring others to a higher ground that we ourselves have not stood on. It is our nature to expect others to be the type of people we fail to be. Another sign reads “I hope to be the type of person my dog thinks I am”. I have news for the writer, your dog knows exactly the type of person that you are. Dogs are our guardians, they also mirror our souls.

It would be much better if we would be the types of people we were meant to be and are capable of being. The fact that we are not is more a sign of our condition than it is a sign of our times.

©Mike McConnery/Baden K-9 Incorporated,04/03/2011


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