Is Your Dog Ready to Protect You and Your Family?

I recently wrote a series of articles entitled Dogs of Defense.  This article will be a bit of a teaser for that series.

First, there is the consideration of whether or not protection dogs are safe.  What steps and critical aspects of training need to be incorporated into preparing a protection dog?

Second, we consider the question of whether or not you should purchase a protection dog.  In this article we discuss some of the considerations and evaluations you should conduct to determine if a protection dog is right for you.

Third, we look at different characteristics of breeds and qualities of trainers that you should look for when determining what breed to buy and where to conduct your training.

Fourth, we talk about ongoing considerations of having a protection dog and things that need to be done to maintain both yourself and your dog at peak capability to defend you and yours in the case of home invasion or street attack.

Finally we delve into how to finish your dog’s primary training off with Integrating your dog into your home defensive plan.  This article discusses how to bring your training to the next level and what kind of trainer you should look for when finishing a dog at this level.

Keep your eyes out for this series that will be introduced on ITS Tactical following my current series, Dogs of War.

Until next time, this is Dunetos K-9 helping sharpen your world, one dog at a time.


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